How to Take Advantage of Outdoor Winter Wedding Venues in Fresno

Winter Wedding Venues in Fresno, CA

Brides who plan on getting married in the Central Valley in the summer know without fail that it will be hot! But that same climate that makes a "cool" summer day of 90 degrees feel relatively good is also a wonderful benefit for a winter wedding. Here's how to take full advantage of the Copper River Country Club banquet rooms, terraces, and outdoor wedding venues for your winter wedding.

Plan for Mild Temperatures

October is a beautiful time of year in the Central Valley. While we don't have the gorgeous fall leaves that the Northeast enjoys, we do have beautiful, mild weather with very little chance of rain. September and October are popular times of the year for outdoor weddings at Copper River.

Brides and grooms often take full advantage of our outdoor wedding venues including the Lower Terrace and the Alicante Park and Vineyards for their ceremony, then move into our banquet halls for their reception.

It does get cooler into December and January, with the average high of 56 degrees. An adventurous bride might plan a mid-day ceremony to enjoy the warmest and lightest part of the day. Fog might be an issue and while it adds a dreamy look to photos, you might let guests know to plan for extra travel time.

Have a Rainy Day Plan

We disagree with Alanis Morissette; rain on your wedding day is good luck. It's also - even during the winter months - unlikely. Fresno, Clovis, and the surrounding areas only get a couple inches of rain during the wettest months. Still, you want to plan for the possibility. Save yourself wondering and worrying. Have a plan, whatever it is and be prepared to implement it. Work with our "Day of" Coordinator on that plan and let them take care of the details.

If you have a very small wedding party, popups might be an option. Or, just umbrellas for the guests. You might also just wait it out. Talk to us about creating a "pre-party" and serve a few beverages or hors d'ouevres while your guests are waiting.

Or... you might just go for it in the rain! If you and your friends and family are adventuresome, have everyone bring umbrellas and let them know it's going to be rain or shine. Find a photographer who will take photos in the rain, too. Because seriously, who doesn't find the whole scene in the rain in The Notebook just incredibly romantic.

Have a Windy Day Plan

Here in the Valley in the winter, you may be more likely dealing with windy conditions than anything else. Talk to your hairdresser about adding more bobby pins, adopt a carefree hairstyle, or just go with the flow. Please make sure that any outdoor floral arrangements have a sturdy base and if you're thinking about outdoor or terrace dining, talk to our team about heavier centerpieces.

Make it Your Day

Finally, let us help you make it your day, come rain, shine, or wind. Our team has the experience, the flexibility, and the desire to make your winter wedding a special occasion no matter what happens. Contact us to find out if your date is available and let's start planning!