Outdoor wedding venues at Copper River include this scene from this photo of a beautiful couple getting married on the pergola facing the Alicante Bouchet vineyards.

Outdoor Wedding Venues - How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding or Reception

At Copper River Country Club, we have two beautiful outdoor wedding venues: Alicante Park or the Lower Terrace. The adjoining Veranda and Upper Terrace are perfect for smaller, very private outdoor wedding ceremonies, for hors d'oeuvres, or a cocktail reception.

While Fresno gets far too hot in the summer for an afternoon outdoor wedding for anyone but the most daring of brides, the spring, fall, and even winter can provide mild temperatures and few chances of rain. It's the perfect climate for an outdoor wedding or reception.

It does take some extra planning though, so here are some of our suggestions for you based on our many years of holding weddings and other events at Copper River Country Club.

The Lower Terrace

The Lower Terrace faces the west and because of its elevation, provides for an incredible, building-free backdrop. Time it right and you'll have a beautiful sunset for the final "you may kiss the bride moment" or for your wedding party photos.

A trellis or arch with beautiful lightweight drapes can provide a wonderful framework for the bride, groom, and minister. Just remember that they may not billow out in the perfect direction if there's wind. You don't want the bride fending off wayward tulle!*

Alicante Park and Vineyards

The Alicante Park wedding venue has its own natural backdrop of the grapevines which are part of the Alicante Bouschet Vineyards. The park has four beautiful natural stone steps leading to a small platform topped by a natural ivory-color pergola supported by classic columns. Just on its own, the pergola is a beautiful framework for your ceremony, but many brides or wedding planners will add flowers, lights, or drapes to the pergola.

Keep in mind that the grapevines will be a beautiful green background through the summer and often deep into the fall. The leaves will turn and drop after the first few freezing nights. There are small evergreen trees and shrubs right behind the pergola, so even a fall or winter wedding will have plenty of color for your outdoor wedding ceremony photos.

Let guests know that the seating area in Alicante Park is on grass. Ladies may want to wear flats or at least leave the spike heels at home. Outdoor wedding venues often are interpreted as a more casual setting, so be sure to let your guests know if it's a black tie or more garden-style wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Locations

We'll help guide your guests, but you might also want to provide them with directions on how to find the event. The Lower Terrace is on the west side of Copper River. They can park on the east side of the main building, walk past the fountain and through our covered walkway to the terrace.

Alicante Park is located near the tennis courts on the west end. Guests can park in the main lot and then head toward the tennis courts.

Once your ceremony is complete and you are now husband and wife, you'll find that the other smaller terraces, with their views of the golf course, and the main fountain are wonderful locations for bridal party and family photos. You'll want to check with our event coordinator to find out if there are any other events, otherwise, the venue is yours to enjoy for your photos.

If you're ready to plan your outdoor wedding, contact our Banquet Office at 559-434-8978.

*We're sorry, but fireworks, sparklers, open flames, noise makers, confetti cannons or throwing rice is not allowed in our outdoor wedding venues because of the danger to wildlife and potential fire hazards.
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