How to Have a Craft Brew Beer-Themed Wedding at Copper River Country Club

How to Have a Craft Brew Beer-Themed Wedding
at Copper River Country Club

Are you a craft brew aficionado or a home brewer or are you marrying one? Maybe your mutual love of the hobby brought you together. Why not have a craft-brew themed wedding? It's creative, it's fresh, and it offers a wide range of options for every taste level - much like the craft and home brews themselves.

We love local-grown, locally-vinted, and locally-brewed, but we also love to explore the options with our wedding clients. If you love the creative, rustic, and hand-crafted style of the craft-brew beers, here are four ideas for incorporating them into your wedding or reception.

Feature Craft Brews, Have a Beer Tasting, and Include Your Favorites

Copper River Country Club Food and Beverage Manager, Daniel McGee, will be happy to help you create beer pairings for your meal (prepared by Head Chef Adam Meier and his team) or set up a special tasting area. He can also help you choose a great selection from our list of locally brewed beers or can search out and special order your favorite.

Daniel also says, "I would love to help a wedding party to incorporate a toast using a craft beer instead of the usual champagne. I would look at a 'sour' which is a type of beer often fermented with wild yeast. It usually has a less sweetness with a bit of a bite and would pair well with dessert, when most toasts take place."

Daniel is personally a big fan of IPA's and his current favorite in the Copper River Restaurant and Bar is the Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin from San Diego. But with enough advance notice, he can work with a bridal party to seek out and obtain favorite brews, vintages, or spirits. "I'll find a supplier, let you know about the price, and then we can get the order placed for your special occasion," says Daniel.

Copper River Craft-Brewed Wedding

Daniel has done craft beer events and special member tastings at Copper River, but he'd also like to find a bride and groom who would like to go "all craft brew" for their wedding reception. "We could also do samplers and tastings for the guests as well," Daniel says, "Call me if that's for you!"

There are more and more craft brews to choose from than ever, to meet nearly every taste. The Brewers Association reported in March of 2016 that the industry continued to grow by 13% in 2015 and now represents over a fifth of the beer market share. Bart Watson, chief economist for the association says, "Small and independent brewers continue to lead the local, full-flavored beer movement."

Decorate with Copper Colors and Accents

The brewery kettles are traditionally made of copper. The look of copper can be shiny, glossy, and beautiful when new, or have a vintage patina when aged. Use copper accents in bridal gowns and groomsmen tuxedos. Decorate with copper napkins, tablecloths, or use china plates with copper accents. Anne Momber at has a wonderful list of 19 copper décor ideas.

If you're looking for a more rustic look or your wedding is outdoors, use patinaed items such as oxidized copper mason jars like these for your centerpieces or floral arrangements.

Incorporate Hops into Floral Bouquets

Hops grow well in practically every part of California, so your florist shouldn't have to import them. Their top harvesting months are August and September, perfect for an outdoor, summer or fall wedding. If the actual hops aren't available, you might use just the foliage any time from April to harvest. Chances are, your friends are in to craft brewing too, and they'll appreciate the special touch. Hops also dry well, so you could add them any time of the year with enough advanced planning.

However you choose to enjoy and represent your craft-brew or home-brewing enthusiasm, let our entire banquet and restaurant team know about your plans and they'll provide you with plenty of great referrals and ideas of their own on making your beer-themed wedding a fun, tasteful, and taste-full reality.