copper river private country club

5 Myths About Copper River Country Club Weddings & Receptions

Manicured lawns, snooty people, and exclusive use by the privileged few. If that's your idea of a private country club wedding or reception, you're in for a wonderful surprise. Copper River Country Club has been a meeting place and event venue for people from throughout Fresno, Clovis, the Central Valley, and California. We're a place for members to enjoy their favorite activities, enjoy great meals, and spend time with the family. And we're a venue where we specialize in weddings and receptions, from intimate gatherings to elaborate affairs.

If you've always thought a country club would be the perfect place for your dream wedding and/or reception, but hesitated to consider it, don't let these myths get in your way.

You have to be a member.

As a private country club, members do have exclusive access to our tennis, golf, and swim facilities, non-members are more than welcome to hold their business events, meetings, and of course, weddings and receptions at Copper River Country Club. "In fact, we are extremely popular with brides in Fresno, Clovis, and the Central Valley," says Pebbles Berna, "We've become a destination wedding venue for brides from as far away as L.A., San Diego, and San Francisco."

It's extremely expensive.

Maybe at some of the nation's most exclusive private country clubs such as Augusta National Golf Club. Or the National Golf Links, but that's what you'd expect from a golf club in New York. Fresno and the Central Valley has a great deal of value to offer for visitors and residents and that includes Copper River Country Club. You'll find our facility fees, catering, and other services to be very competitive with our local hotels, wedding halls, and other venues. Our wedding and reception packages include everything you'll need for your wedding (except for the minister). Members do get a discount on facilities, so if you also love golf, tennis, swimming, or just spending time with the family, it's worth considering. Talk to Geoff Hirata, Membership Director, and he'll do the math for you.

There are extra rules and restrictions.

While it is true that you can't run across the golf greens, that rule applies to everyone! Otherwise, you'll find that our terms are very much like any responsible and thoughtful wedding and reception venue: designed to keep you and your guests safe and happy, and to keep our facilities in great shape for the next event. Members will be walking through your event.

Members will be walking through your event.

While our members enjoy seeing wedding parties at Copper River, of course they respect your privacy. You can have your ceremony outside in Alicante Park or on the Lower Terrace. Indoor weddings and receptions take place inside our ballroom which is located right off the main dining room, but is completely enclosed. Our staff can help keep an eye out for you, but we've never had wedding crashers (not even Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn).

You have to do all the work yourself.

No, in fact, you'll find a Copper River Country Club wedding or reception to be extremely easy to plan. Our services include food, set up, clean up, all the tables, chairs, and linens. We have complete packages and you'll have the services of a professional Banquet Manager and an entire catering team. Plus, we've got great relationships with wedding coordinators, photographers, bakeries, and other wedding service vendors who are familiar with our facilities and who we know give our clients great service.

A private country club wedding is a fabulous way to start your new life together. At Copper River Country Club, we'd love to be part of your dream wedding and reception. If you have any questions about the country club or your wedding plans contact the Banquet Manager Craig Ferreira at 559-434-8978 or by email at [email protected].