Photo of the Fresno Water Tower. Making your wedding 'Fresno unique.'

Five Ways to Make Your Wedding & Reception "Fresno Unique"

While Fresno, and Clovis, sometimes suffers from unfair comparisons to the sophisticated urbanites in San Francisco and the high energy Hollywood glamour of Los Angeles, we know that the Central Valley is a wonderful place to live, fall in love, and get married in. Isn't that why you're considering a wedding venue in Fresno? Because it's a wonderful opportunity to have an incredible wedding and reception right in your "backyard" with as many friends and family as possible. So here are five ways to make your wedding and reception memorable and uniquely Fresno/Central Valley.

Leverage the Weather

Fresno, and Clovis, has a wonderful weather pattern in the late spring and early summer where it's hot during the day, but then the sun starts to go down and a light breeze springs up. The sun doesn't set until nearly 8 p.m. in mid-May and the average high temperature is 82. Take advantage of the longer days to hold your wedding and reception outside, much later than the usual 5 p.m. Make it a garden party-style with summery dresses recommended and shoes not required. You can use the grass lawn of our Alicante Park wedding venue to maximum effect.

Focus on the Bounty

One third of all the produce grown in the United States comes from the Central Valley! Ask our Head Chef, Adam Meier to create dishes which celebrate the bounty of this area. Remember the traditional wedding favors of Jordan almonds? Put a Fresno twist on them by either going with natural or roasted and salted locally-grown, or check out some of the local producers such as the Sierra Nut House or Simonian Farms for their locally grown treats. They might even have their own version of the Jordan almond.

Echo the Art Deco History

Downtown Fresno is full of wonderful buildings featuring Art Deco buildings and signs. You can see some great examples at The Veterans Memorial Auditorium, originally called the Fresno Memorial Auditorium, has gorgeous scrollwork, pillars, and details in an antique ivory stone. Echo that tradition with art deco wedding decorations featuring gold votives, candelabras, pearls, and ostrich feathers. For more examples of the soft ivory and sandstone color palettes which make pearl and gold pop out, look at pictures of the Fresno County Call of Records, or the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. Then, build your wedding theme of vintage lace and art deco looks.

Toast with Local Wine

While the world may think that California wines are only about Napa, we in the Valley know a couple of best-kept secrets. A wine only needs 75% of their grapes to be from the labeled "appellation" of origin. Many a Fresno or Valley-grown grape has been blended into wines throughout California because of their excellent quality and more reasonable costs. But more and more, these grapes are staying here in the Valley, turning into wonderful Fresno and Valley-grown wines. Ask Daniel about our special selection of locally-grown wines such as Fasi Crest and Butterfield's.

Hire World-Class Musicians

A DJ is a great way to get a wide variety of music into your reception, finding both those old Glen Miller classics that Great-Grandma will love, the 50's doo-wop that gets everyone on the dance floor, and the John Legend or Bruno Mars song ("Marry You" of course!) that you love. But Fresno is also home to world-class musicians who would enjoy staying close to home for a special gig right here in town. From classical/jazz/folk mandolinist and violinist Eva Scow, who has played in Carnegie Hall, to pianist Lenny Heifetz.

Want more ideas on making your wedding venue beautiful and Fresno unique? Reach out to our Banquet ManagerCraig Ferreira at (559) 434-8978 to book your wedding date and get more ideas.

Photography provided courtesy of Darryl Dote