Custom Decorated Wedding Table at the Copper River Banquet Hall

Five Ways to Decorate Our Banquet Hall for Your Unique Wedding Look

You've found the perfect wedding venue. It's near most of your family and friends, it's in the middle of a beautiful golf course (for example!), and there is a wonderful chef and catering facility. The banquet rooms here at Copper River Country Club are beautiful, but we're sure you want to make them uniquely your own.

Here are five ways to create the perfectly decorated banquet hall for your wedding or reception.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Our Banquet Sales Manager, Pebbles Berna can suggest local planners who have experience with setting up events at Copper River. Or, you can find your own. The benefit to a wedding or event planner is that they can help you bring together all the different elements of décor. They often get special consideration from party or decoration rental companies. Their experience can save you a great deal of time as well. Plus, they'll know the trends and tricks to make any venue look elegant and unique.

Work with a Lighting Company

A professional lighting company can completely change the look of a space simply through the use of strategic lighting. From uplighting (floor-based fixtures that create columns), to string lights (from LED to battery operated to fairy lights), to gobos (stencils that project light designs from snowflakes to initials), lighting can set a complete mood. A professional organization will create a well-designed space that is also safe for you and your guests.

Use a Florist

Centerpieces, garlands, and floral displays can also transform a space with color and can soften the look of a large banquet hall. Greenery and natural decorations can fit nearly any style of event. Full-service florists can often provide not only bouquets but decorating elements such as pillars or vases. They may have a certified floral designer on staff, which is someone who often has a great deal of event and design experience.

Make use of a Wedding Coordinator

We offer a 'Day of Coordinator' with all weddings.

Do It Yourself

If you're someone who loves to be hands on, and you have friends or family who would enjoy pitching in, then you can certainly do it yourself. Pinterest, is of course, probably the most incredible source of ideas and inspiration. The hard part will be narrowing it down. Before you make final decisions, please check with our Banquet Sales Manager for any restrictions on decorations or other items that might damage floors or walls or that might compromise guest safety.

Let Nature Handle It

Whether you want to be a minimalist, prefer keeping the focus on the bridal party, or simply love the outdoors, you can use any one of several beautiful natural outdoor wedding settings at Copper River Country Club. From the backdrop of our stone bridge flanked by beautiful foliage, to the simple natural beauty of the Alicante Vineyards, which changes from season to season, you can find a natural, green background to "decorate" your wedding, reception, or wedding photos.

Questions about our banquet rooms, our wedding venues, or your decorating options? Call us at (559) 434-5200 or reach out to our Banquet Office.

Photography provided courtesy of Pretty Geeky Photography