How Golf Courses in Fresno CA Maintain Playability in Challenging Conditions

The Copper River Country Club golf course is a complex, multi-faceted living system which requires constant maintenance and upkeep. Golf courses in Fresno CA have even greater challenges than most courses because of the heat and our current severe drought situation. Without an experienced golf course superintendent and regular upkeep, even the most beautiful and well-designed course will suffer over time.

Here's what we do at Copper River to keep our golf course playable and attractive.

Consistent Aerification

Compaction is detrimental to every golf course, but it's an inevitable results of foot traffic, golf carts, equipment, and the weight of players walking across the course. Compacted areas have less growth and dry out quickly, requiring more water to maintain the greens.

Aerifying a golf course helps relieve surface tension and improves drainage and water absorption. This is extremely important in a drought situation so that every drop of water is used efficiently. It also helps stimulate root growth and lets more nutrients get to the roots.

We do this at least once a year and more often in isolated and heavily compacted areas. While this does create a bit of inconvenience for players, the overall benefit to the course and playability is worth the investment.

Relocating Root Plugs

Bermuda grass is extremely durable and more drought tolerant than many varieties, yet it still needs help in expanding its reach. We take the root plugs that are created in the aeration process and relocate them into bare areas of the rough. This is being done to make good, efficient use of the removed material and to help us achieve our goal of a 100% common Bermuda golf course. Like many golf courses in Fresno CA, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our water consumption while still maintaining a great, playable course.

You may see these cores laying around for a short time until they are removed. You might also see flags which mark the irrigation heads, valves, and other items that the tractors and coring units need to avoid. The annual process of aerification is a major task, but due to our investment in equipment and planning, this usually takes less than two weeks.

Golf Course Superintendent

Jon Christensen, Vice President of Agronomy for SGM, will head the day-to-day operations at CRCC. Jon is heading up the on-site team from Sierra Golf Management that recently took over the maintenance of the golf course. He is a very talented Golf Course Superintendent, as well as an accomplished player. What makes Jon and his teams so superior are their ability to relate to what the golfer sees, what the golfer needs, and what the golfer expects.

Jon has put our course maintenance into place so that we have a consistent plan and strategy for continually improving our course. Regular updates and ongoing care is extremely important for golf courses in Fresno CA and anywhere with challenging conditions such as our dry climate. We strive to have the most beautiful and best golf course in the valley.

If you'd like to learn more about playing golf at Copper River Country Club, call our Head Golf Professional and Golf Operations Manager, Derek Standridge at (559) 434-5255.

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